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Shop, Shop, Shop till you drop!

Today the options for shopping are so enormous that most of us have become ‘shopaholics’. I still remember my childhood days when a new outfit meant a special occasion like my birthday or Parsi new year. Mom would buy a nice piece of cloth & get it tailored into a beautiful dress from an old aunt who used to be the only tailor in my vicinity. This was then…..Ready-made clothes were unheard of or were way too expensive for the common man. We have come a long way! Today the world is at our finger tips & shopping has not only become easy but hassle-free too. But with this blessing comes the biggest bane of becoming an impulsive shopper!!!

Coming back to my question are you a Shopaholic? If yes, how to control the urge to shop & become a responsible shopper? As an Image Consultant this was one of the most important lessons I learnt. I not only shop responsibly, I look at all my garments as an investment.

‘Personal Shopping’ is one of the most sought after services provided by an Image Consultant. We help our clients not only buy clothes that suit their body shape & personal colouring but help them choose garments that become an investment.

Here are a few tips that can save your purse at the same time help you become a more responsible shopper.

#1 Know your closet :- How many of us know each & every garment we already possess? Well if you don’t then that’s where you need to start. Pick a day & go through your prized possession. Most of the clothes you have would be repeated & some you might never wear!. They are simply lying there craving for your attention. If you have clothes that don’t fit or are worn out please have the heart to give it away as charity & earn yourself some blessings.

#2 Avoid carrying plastic money:- If a friend asks you to accompany him/her for shopping we land up buying things we never intended to! Thanks to the easy accessibility to Credit & Debit cards. If you avoid carrying it & go with limited funds chances are less you will buy out of impulse.

#3 Uninstall all shopping Apps:- Easy access to customers through various apps like flipkart, Jabong, Amazon etc can be detrimental for an impulsive shopper. Once you have shopped using any of the Apps you are in their track records, they know your history & will keep tempting you with great discounts which are so irresistible. Please be mindful these discounts are on items that are either last ones left in stock or normally not your size!

#4 Mall visit to kill time :- This is the most dangerous of all. Most people visit malls to kill time or to do some window shopping & eventually land up buying stuff they don’t need or never intended to buy. If you have to kill time go for a stroll in a garden or to the beach, its not only refreshing but good for health.

#5 Keep a shopping budget :- Treat shopping as an investment, with this in mind having a shopping budget will help you curb your shopping urge. Going over your budget should make you feel guilty. We always have a holiday budget, an entertainment budget, a property budget then why not a ‘shopping budget’

#6 Use Clustering technique: – Clustering is one way to get more from less. If you know your wardrobe well you should buy clothing items that go well with your existing clothes. This will ensure you have more variety from less. Then keep on adding one piece at a time & extend your cluster to make it more workable & attractive.

These are a few tips if implemented you will see results & wont say “I’ve been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear!

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