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It’s been 2 years since I’m running my own business as an Image Consultant under my brand name Images2last yet I meet people who ask me this question time & again ‘What does an Image Consultant do’? Obviously I explain what exactly I do & then the next thing they say ‘Oh yea it’s just Personality Development’….…..Isn’t it!!!

Well I’m not going to explain what Image Management is all about but why not look at how an Image Consultant can really help an individual. So I decided to bring out the essence of the work an Image Consultant does & who will benefit most by investing in hiring an Image Consultant.

Image Management is a 40 year old industry but that’s just when industry was formally structured.People have used similar services even before in a much informal way. Today it’s a flourishing industry.

Let me give you the 5 good reasons or stages when hiring an Image Consultant will be most beneficial and give you much bigger returns than you imagined!

#1 A Big Transition : You finally landed your dream job or you are moving to a new country to manage a meaty role or you got that promotion you had been waiting for since a long time or your company has become a global player. These are a few very important phases in one’s life where creating a positive impact matters the most. If you are not able to start off on a positive note believe me there will be extra hard work you will have to put in to prove your worth. Why take a chance? A winning first impression not only helps to build trust but it can build positive relations that will help in your growth towards success. So when you are ready for the big plunge make sure your image is up to the mark!

#2 Your first Job : Your struggle to get the right break is over, you have finally landed a good job either through campus recruitment or through referral system. A new life is ready to unfold. You are no longer a college student, this is a paradigm shift for any individual. The corporate world is very different from college life. It’s more formal, disciplined and needs a lot of effort to prove your worth to the seniors. Professionalism matters. Especially for students coming form Tier 1 & 2 cities where exposure is very less. Grooming is of utmost importance and who better to guide you in this crucial journey than an Image Consultant!

#3 The New Mom’s :- Becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings! It’s an overwhelming feeling for any woman. However the post-natal care & effects can take a toll on many. There have been a few instances where New Mom’s get into a depression. Most of them are worried about their body shape, if it will ever get back to what it was earlier to pregnancy! Most women land up wearing the maternity clothes even after they have delivered. They tend to move into a shell & avoid all kinds of social events as they don’t know what to wear or how to carry themselves. Here again an Image Consultant can be a blessing for those who want to get back to office as well as resume their social life. If you want to enjoy motherhood by being stylish get help from an Image Consultant

#4 Bride-to-be or Groom-to-be :- Marriage is a completely different ball game. Especially in India it starts with parent pressure & then finding the right partner. Most of them settle for an arranged marriage & some very important aspects are not taken into consideration by both the girl & the boy. Seeking help from an Image Consultant to portray an Authentic Image is very important. You have to be your true self to ensure you don’t bluff the opposite person who is looking at spending the rest of his/her life with you. Ensuring you get the right life partner becomes crucial yet people don’t bother to portray an Authentic Image which later creates rifts in the relationship. Don’t want to take a chance do you?

#5 A Startup Entrepreneur :- Most young entrepreneurs think if they have a great idea it’s easy to attract investors so why care about looks or clothing. In fact if a new entrepreneur is not able to show good grooming & dressing sense he/she will come across as not serious about their business. Obviously if you don’t care for yourself how will you care for the investor’s money? Being your best & ensuring your Idea is as good as you are can all be done by seeking professional help to ensure you attract the right investors.

Its important to create a positive first impression at all times but its most important when you want an edge over the rest & win over your competition.

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