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With a growing number of Indian women occupying top positions in the corporate sector & more women breaking the glass ceiling to show women power does the ‘Sari’ make its way to the boardrooms?

As kids we grew up seeing our principals & teachers wear some of the most exquisite saris & they were all people who commanded the most respect!

This five yards of cloth in beautiful colours & bright patterns draped delicately around the body is the essence of feminine attire. One of the oldest & most sensuous  attire, the Sari is associated with grace and is widely regarded as a symbol of Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan culture. If worn in the right colours & textures, draped well with the correct blouse, it goes a long way in creating an Authoritative yet feminine look, however there are a few Pros & Cons that I would like to  draw your attention to before you decided to adorn this elegantly styled most feminine attire to work!

Time Consuming :- If you are not used to wearing the sari regularly then its time consuming especially getting the pleats & the pallu right. You need to have loads of patience to get the sari draped perfectly! I must confess I need help with the sari so for me its only on auspicious family occasions to wear this beautiful thing !

Different Styles :-  This 5 yards of cloth can be draped in different ways as per different traditions & cultures unlike the skirt & blouse! There are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a sari & each will give you a different look. However in a professional scenario its recommended the Sari be worn in  the most common style i.e  wrapped around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to worn over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

Fabrics :-  Saris are available in more than a dozen fabrics right from the simple cotton to the heavy silk ones but the one that can be worn for professional meetings are either cotton or georgette.

Risk of Opening up! If its not well draped & pined properly you run the risk of it opening up!  This can be quite embarrassing & only if you are skilled at draping the sari well would you be able to manage it without help.

Correct Blouse :-  Often more than the sari it’s the blouse that catches the attention due to the design & contrast! The sari can look more professional  if worn with either a collared blouse with 3/4th sleeves or U-shaped blouse that covers the upper body completely. The sari blouse can either dress you up or down for the occasion.

Professional Style of Draping  Often referred to as the ‘ Air-Hostess style sari’, is tied in just the same way as a normal sari except that the pleats are held together quite nicely with the help of pins. Even the vertical pleats that are tucked at the navel are severely pleated and pressed. Same goes for the pallu pleats that are pinned at the shoulder. To get the perfect ‘Air-hostess’ a complimentary U-shaped blouse that covers the upper body completely is worn which gives a very elegant and formal look. Mastering the ‘Air-hostess’ style drape helps to create the desired impact in a formal setting like an interview, a conference or to win an  important deal!

If you like to add style, elegance & grace while heading for your important meetings then go ahead & adorn the ‘Sari’ & make an Impression!!!

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