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Narendra Modi truly an Inspiration !

For years I have wished our country would have a leader like the US, UK & Germany, finally that wish has come true in the form of our honorable PM Narendra Modi.

Off late I have been closely watching his every move & hearing almost all his interviews & speeches only to be inspired & feel happy & proud to have someone like him at the helm of our country.

Here are a few of my observations & insights on our PM which makes me give him a 5***** rating.

To start with his Oratory Skills

Speeches – He has the ‘Gift of the Gab’. His speeches are so well scripted that will keep anyone glued to their seats wanting for more. Even though they look impromptu they are not! That is the beauty  of  the way he delivers his Speeches, a quality very essential for a Leader.

Body Language – His Body Language is that of an extremely confident person who knows exactly what he is doing, never giving any negative vibes. Be it his eye contact with people, the way he walks, the way he raises his hands to show determination, the firm handshake with everyone he greets, the warm & friendly Namaste, finally the beaming Smile that captures the attention of all shows he is charismatic!

Attire – Truly Indian. His traditional outfits have inspired many to switch to Indian traditional wear. All his outfits are well selected, tailor-made with fabrics that are truly Indian & colours that suit his personality. They say in Rome be like the Romans but our PM sticks to his traditions & wears clothes that inspire patriotism. His clothes speak volumes of this roots.

Language – He speaks the language of the people! Most of his speeches are in Hindi or Gujarati. This again connects him with the people of the country where majority speak either Hindi or their native language. Even when he addresses foreign delegates or when on foreign soil he speaks the language of our country. Not that he does not know the ‘queens  language’ speaking in a language that most of your countrymen understand brings him closer to the people.

Way of Working – He calls himself a Machine! This is new & not very like a government servant. Most of the people we know who are in the government are lethargic & take everything for granted at the cost of the nation.  His working style is like a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the government department. He inspires the ‘aam janta’ to work hard & not hardly! He is a strict disciplinarian which is very essential for the leader of the largest democracy.

Various Initiatives –Progress of our country is foremost for him. Initiatives like ‘Make in India’, FDI meaning ‘First Develop India’ proper sanitation in schools especially for girls, ‘Swach Bharat’ and reaching out to world leaders to do business with India is a great step he has taken.

Last but not the least he was denied the US visa for a long time & today he is getting a ‘Red Carpet Welcome’ from the biggest power house of the world. He will be one of the first foreign leaders to address 20,000 plus people at ‘Madison Square Garden’ a feat that no other leader has ever done.

I salute you PM Narendra Modi & hope to see India progress under your leadership!

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