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Create and Impression

To make the First Impression a lasting one you need to get a few things right and work towards it. We often hear people getting impressed with the way a person dresses, carries themselves, speaks, such people inspire others & always stand out. Initially they had to put in effort to look the part, stand out from the crowd but later it becomes their personality.

So what are they doing to get it right always? Have you ever given it a thought?

It’s all about getting the 5C’s right

It starts with Confidence. Self Confidence is by far the most important quality to bring out the best in you, not just once but always. If you feel good about yourself others will also believe you are good. Every day remind yourself, as many times as you need to, that you are beautiful inside out.

Clothes –Dress the part. First get to know about the event/party you are attending and make the effort to dress the part. Dressing appropriately for the occasion & as per your role, your body shape and personal colouring will help to make an impact.

Communication – Its not only about having a good command over the language you speak its all about using the right Tone & Pitch with appropriate words and talking to the point along with very good listening skills.

Correct Attitude– A lot has been said about attitude. The foundation of success regardless of your chosen field is attitude, which has to be correct.  A persons attitude will determine how he or she looks at a setback. To a positive thinker, his or her attitude can be a stepping stone to success but to a negative thinker, it can be a stumbling block. Keep your attitude right at all times.

Last but not the least is Carrying yourself. How do you carry yourself in the clothes you wear with confidence will always count. You cannot slouch in a Business Suit! Carry yourself gracefully everywhere and you will see the difference.

So goahead & make that Impression!


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